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'Life After Pi' | SBIFF Documentary Short 2015

2015 Santa Barbara International Film Festival winner of the Documentary Short Films Award!

Screening with Documentary Shorts: Behind-The-Scenes

Rhythm & Hues Studios, the L.A.-based visual effects company, won an Academy Award for its work on LIFE OF PI just two weeks after declaring bankruptcy.

About The Film

Written by: Christina Lee Storm, Scott Leberecht
Directed by: Scott Leberecht
Run Time: 30 min
Year Completed: 2014
Country of Origin: USA

'Life After Pi' | The Trailer

'Life After Pi' | The Film

This is the full version of the short film. Total 30 minutes.

Interview with Christina Lee Storm | Red Carpet SBIFF

'Life After Pi' Filmmaker Interview with Christina Lee Storm | After Winning SBIFF

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