SBIFF - Saturday, February 9th Highlights

SBIFF - Saturday, February 9th Highlights image

It's the final day of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. More free films, a pile of screenings with Q&As and of course the closing night film - Spoons: A Santa Barbara Story. Go support the festival and all the great filmmakers that have shown their films the past 10 days!

Below is the scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday, February 9th.

Free Daily Film Screenings
Admission will be on a first-come, first-served basis
following passholder admission.

Free Film: Diving Deep: The Life and Times of Mike deGruy
2:00pm at the Lobero Theatre

AppleBox Family Films
Free Film: Incredibles 2
(Sponsored by Metropolitan Theatres)
10:00am at the Arlington Theatre

10-10-10 Student Competition Films Free Screening
2:00pm - 4:00pm at the Arlington Theatre

Free Filmmaker Seminar
Sponsored by Driscoll's
Topic: Santa Barbara Filmmakers
11:00 am at the Festival Pavilion (Lobero Theatre Courtyard located on Anacapa Street side)

Closing Night Film (Sold Out)
Spoons: A Santa Barbara Story
8:00pm at the Arlington Theatre

The following films are TBA updates and Filmmaker Q&A's on Saturday 2/9:

  • Making Apes: The Artists Who Changed Film with William Conlin (director, co-writer), Tom Burman (executive producer, writer, main subject), Shawn Patterson (composer), Vincent Van Dyke (subject), Bobby Porter (subject) - 8:00 AM @ Metro 1
  • TBA: What Have We Done to Deserve This? - 8:20 AM @ Metro 3
  • Two Times You with Salomon Askenazi (director), Sara Cohen (actress) - 8:30 AM @ Metro 4
  • Fine Lines with Dina Khreino (director), Lynn Hill (climber) - 10:20 AM @ Fiesta 4
  • Quiet Storm with Johnny Sweet (director) - 11:00 AM @ Metro 1 (Sponsored by SEE International)
  • Peel with Rafael Monserrate (director), Jeffrey Thal (producer) - 11:20 AM @ Metro 2
  • TBA: Put Grandma in the Freezer - 11:40 AM @ Metro 3
  • Animated Shorts with Siqi Song (director, Sister), Jonah Ansell (director, MOOSE), Drew Hodges (director, The Fallen Tree), Lisbet Scott (composer, The Fallen Tree) - 12:00 PM @ Metro 4
  • Ham on Rye with Tyler Taormina (director) - 1:00 PM @ Fiesta 3
  • Silent Forests with Mariah Wilson (director), Zebediah Smith (cinematographer) - 1:20 PM @ Fiesta 4 (Sponsored by Toyota Mirai)
  • Wherever You Are with Bonifacio Angius (director), Francesca Niedda (actress), Alessandro Gazzale (actor) - 2:00 PM @ Metro 1
  • TBA: Diving Deep: The Life and Times of Mike deGruy - 2:00 PM @ Lobero (Free)
  • Doc Shorts: California Stories with Robin Hauser (director), Nicolas Coles (Director, Ture Love/True Crime on an American Tour Bus), Taylor Horky (Director, The Mayor), Brett Nocoletti (director, The Running Man of Pasadena) - 2:20 PM @ Metro 2
  • I Used to be Normal: A Boyband Fangirl Story with Jason Joseffer (cinematographer), Sadia (subject) - 3:00 PM Metro 4
  • Ordinary Gods with Pascui Rivas (director) - 4:00 PM @ Fiesta 3 (Sponsored by SEE International)
  • Guest Artist with Timothy Busfield (director) - 4:20 PM @ Fiesta 4
  • Zulu Summer with Joseph Litzinger (director), Eric Michael Schrader (director)- 5:00 PM @ Metro 1 (Sponsored by SEE International)
  • Celeste with Ben Hackworth (director) - 5:20 PM @ Metro 2
  • TBA: Nose to Tail - 6:00 PM @ Metro 4
  • TBA: The Map to Paradise - 7:00 PM @ Fiesta 3
  • TBA: Better Together - 7:00 PM @ Lobero
  • TBA: Seed For Change - 8:00 PM @ Metro 1
  • TBA: Fire on the Hill: The Cowboys of South Central L.A. - 8:20 PM @ Metro 2
  • TBA: The Factory - 8:40 PM @ Metro 3
  • TBA: Live-Action Shorts - 9:00 PM @ Metro 4
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